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*The Smith Family History and Genealogy*



     The information you are about to read is a history of the Smith family tree and a brief history of their stories. You are the roots and the Smith's younger generation are the branches. It is up to us to ensure the family roots stay by fertilizing our roots with stories of trials, triumphs and tribulations. If we the branches fail to fertilize those roots they will become like leaves on a tree and wither and blow away as the season changes.

*The paternal beginnings of the Smith's family tree begin with James and Lula Smith who lived in Huntersville, North Carolina in the mid 1800's. They had ten sons and three daughters. Some of the Smith family migrated to Buffalo, New York and Lackawanna, New York.


     One of James and Lula Smith’s sons named Luther Von Smith was born on December 30th, 1902 and died on March 17th, 1992. Luther Von Smith Sr. was born in Huntersville, North Carolina and moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the early 1900's. Luther Von Smith Sr. graduated from Fifth Avenue High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Luther Von I married Bertha Rodgers and had two children, Luther Von Smith Jr. and Lula Smith. Luther Von Smith divorced and later married Anabelle Dixon and had a son named James Smith and a daughter named Jeanette Smith.


      Luther Von Smith Sr., was also Muslim he spoke arabic fluently. His Muslim name was Khadir Ahmed and he named his son Luther Von Smith Jr.,also known as  Khadir Ahmed Jr. .Luther Von Smith Sr. was also a businessman. He owned two grocery stores on the corner of Breckinridge and Reid Street and another store on Aliquippa Street in the Hill district of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and also owned three grocery store buses from 1943 to 1975 in the Terrace village area and throughout the Hill district.


     Luther Von Smith Jr. was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 18th, 1928 at Passavant Hospital in the Hill district of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Luther Von Smith Graduated from Schenley High School of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At ten years old Luther owned a German Shepard named Prince and a mixed breed named Captain. prince lived for ten years. Prince was later hit by a car. Luther Von Smith, Jr. joined the Army and was stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland. Luther Von Smith also practiced Jujitsu which he learned while at the Kays Boys Club. Luther Von Smith Jr. Also worked with the Kays Boys Club project titled Hill City Club to stop gang activity on the Hill district in Pittsburgh. 


     Luther Von Smith Jr. was also a minister at Fire Baptist Holiness Church on the Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is where he met Priscilla Mae Davis. The two were introduced to each other by Priscilla Mae Davis grandmother named Mattie Hawthorne. Luther Von Smith Jr. married Priscilla Mae Davis on September 24th, 1954 in Winchester, Virginia.

Luther Von Smith Jr. was also part of a ministry group called Fishers of men.

      Luther Von Smith Jr. and Priscilla Mae Smith have three children. The eldest is Luther Von Smith III, born September 25th, 1955, Terry Anthony Smith, born August 25th, 1961 and Earlean Shirletta Smith, born February 3rd, 1964. Luther Von Smith Jr. was also a member at the Miracle Church of God and Christ. Luther Von Smith, Jr. worked as salesman for Watkins products and for the railroad and later the J&L steel mill. Luther Von Smith also operated his own construction and Brick recycling company. Luther Von Smith also owned a grocery store bus in St. Clair Village...later Luther Von Smith Jr. became pastor of his church named Fire Baptist Holiness Church in Duquesne, Pennsylvania. Luther Von Smith Jr. also operated a food bank from his church and prayed for the sick, visited prisons and conducted wedding and funerals.


Note: Luther Von Smith the 1st, 2nd and 3rd all played violins. Both Luther Von Smith the 1st and 2nd had community store buses called Smitty’s. Note: Luther Von Smith the 3rd played minor league baseball in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Luther Von Smith the 3rd is a register Plumber.


      The maternal beginnings of the Smith family coincides with Melissa Blackwell-Hunter who comes from Spartansburg, South Carolina who had a brother named Marion who lived in Hagerstown Maryland, note: Marion was a numbers man and worked for the mafia. Melissa Hunter had three daughters named Bertha, Katherine also known as sweets and Mabel Hunter. Bertha married Luther Von Smith and had two children named Luther Von Smith and Lula Smith named after her husbands mother Lula.


      Luther had three children named Luther Von Smith, Terry Smith and Earlean Smith. Lula had four children, Andrew James Whitmore,MD., who was reared by his Great Grand Mother Melissa Blackwell-Hunter and three children named Melody Lea Smith and Martin Smith who were twins and Kipling Emery. James Whitmore went to Schenley High School and to medical school and later became an Obstetrician medical doctor.





Paternal Linage

 (1) James Smith & Lula

 (2) Luther Von Smith & Bertha Hunter 

 (3) Luther Von Smith & Priscilla Mae Davis

 (4) Luther Von Smith III, Terry A. Smith, Earlean Shirletta Smith

 (5) Tyra S. Smith, Teheira M. Smith, Teah S. Smith, Douglas T. Smith,

Terry A. Smith II, Tunisia Smith, Terry A. Smith, Jr.

 (6) Amari A. Jackson, Anthony C. Smith, Douglas Aiden Smith, Asia Rae Smith, Amoni

Morgan, Anaya Jackson, Leah Ailey Smith, Kaidence Smith, Anasia Smith.


Maternal Linage

 (1) Melissa Blackwell/Hunter

 (2) Bertha Hunter, Katherine Hunter, Mabel Hunter

 (3) Luther Von Smith, Lula Smith

 (4) Luther Von Smith III, Terry A. Smith, Earlean Shirletta Smith

 (5) Tyra S. Smith, Teheira M. Smith, Teah S. Smith, Douglas T. Smith, Terry A. Smith II, Tunisia Smith, Terry A. Smith, Jr.

 (6) Amari A. Jackson, Anthony C. Smith, Douglas Aiden Smith, Asia Rae Smith, Amoni Morgan, Anaya Jackson, Leah Ailey Smith, Kaidence Smith, Anasia Smith.

Davis/Hawthorne Genealogy

     *The maternal beginnings start with Allen Hawthorne and Sally Hayden in Alabama in the early 1800's. Story from aunt Beatrice "Aunt Beauty" said Sally was mean and told her when she was a little girl that if she didn’t catch any fish while fishing with her Grandmother "Sally Hayden" that she was going to throw her in the water. Note: Aunt Bea was Clarence "Guffin" Hawthorne’s daughter.  Now Sally Hayden and Allen Hawthorne had a son named Clarence "Guffin" Hawthorne. Clarence Hawthorne had many daughters and sons. Clarence "Guffin" Hawthorne lived in Toccoa, Georgia.

 Clarence "Guffin" Hawthorne's history is sketchy...rumor has it that Guffin

     While in North Carolina killed three white men and was shipped to Pittsburgh in a casket to get away. The story was that the men were going to Tar and Feather him. Guffin also lived in Egg Harbor, New Jersey and owned property.  Note: Guffin had a daughter in Egg Harbor, New Jersey named Lillian. Guffins daughter Beatrice " Aunt Beauty" later maintained the farm and owned a poultry farm.

      Guffin also lived in Pittsburgh. Guffin married Mattie Sloan who became Mattie Hawthorne in Toccoa, Georgia some of Clarence "Guffin" Hawthornes children were named Beatrice, Ella, Buster, Allen, Odabelle, Birdie, Queenie, Geneva, Dora , Luna, Doc, Erma and more. Note: Ella and Luna moved to Chicago. The rest lived in Detroit and Pittsburgh. Note: Clarence "Guffin" Hawthorne and Mattie Hawthorne reared Earlean and later her children: Eldridge, Priscilla and Julius Davis. "Earlean Starkes Children."

    Clarence "Guffin" Hawthorne daughter named Ella had two daughters and a sonNamed Earlene Starkes, Mae and Robert Neal, known as Uncle Bobby. Robert Neal Were a boxer and a drummer and was in the United States Army. Robert Neal kept the family reunion tradition alive. Family reunions would be held at Uncle Allen’s Church on the Hill.  Note: Bishop Allen Hawthorne was Clairvoyant and made a living from it. Bishop Allen had two churhes, one in Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the Hill district...Bishop Allen Hawthorne had a bar built into his Cadillac in the 60's. He was considered a wealthy person. Robert Neal moved to Detroit, Michigan and kept the family reunion alive in Pittsburgh and Michigan.


     Ella Hawthorne had three children...Ella, Mae and Robert. Note: "Mae died at an early age". Ella Hawthorne and Earl Starkes had a daughter named Earlean Starkes.  Earlean Starkes was a great dancer and rumor has it she was clairvoyant. Eldridge Davis said she lost her clairvoyance after she had Children. Earlean Starkes was born October 24th, 1917. Earlean Starkes married Eldridge Milston Davis Sr. Eldridge Davis and Earlean Starkes had three children,Eldridge, Priscilla Mae and Julius Davis.


     Priscilla Davis was born June 15th, 1937 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Magee Women's Hospital. The three were raised by their Great Grandparents, Clarence and Mattie Hawthorne and later lived at Turmon Home for Colored Children on the North side, presently called Three Rivers Adoption Agency. Priscilla Davis was editor for the Turmon Home Newsletter. Priscilla Davis collected dolls from different countries. As a child Priscilla Davis and her two brothers would be hungry and the brothers Would hint to her that they were hungry and she would steal cookies from Islay’s. Priscilla Davis attended Robert Vann Elementary School, John Morrow, Middle School and Owen Vocational School "seamstress". Priscilla Davis also attended Catholic Church, Saint Benedict the Moor on the Hill district. As a child Priscilla Davis mother had a bird and a cat named Romeo and Juliet. Priscilla Davis said as a child the cat charmed the bird and the bird died. Times were not always good for Priscilla Davis...when her and her brothers were young she would make up songs. One of those songs would go...boom, boom, boom, boom boom, boom, made me put a ring upon a string that made the children laugh and sing. You made me put a ring upon a string that made the children laugh and sing...oh joy,joy joy...and so on. Priscilla Davis would tell stories about how she heard that a cat had nine lives and as a little girl she drops a cat down a hill nine times to find out it did. Also as a kid their were some bullies at school and Priscilla's oldest brother came to her defense and told the kids if you see my sister on one side of the street you cross to the other. In school Priscilla would say to some children...see my finger see my thumb? See my fist you better run. Priscilla would tell stories about how her and her brothers were very hungry and would Walk from their home on Frazier Street in Oakland to their father's home At Clark Street in the Hill district. Earlean Starkes daughter Priscilla Davis married Luther Von Smith on September 24th, 1954 in Winchester, Virginia.


     Priscilla Smith and Luther Smith had three children, Luther Von Smith III, Terry Anthony Smith and Earlean Shirletta Smith. Priscilla Smith was active in the church and would cook for church members and make homemade rolls for people in the neighborhood. Priscilla Smith was an active participant with an organization called ACORN. Priscilla was in the paper concerning an issue and rally in Washington D.C. . . Priscilla Smith also mentioned a time when ACORN was protesting downtown Pittsburgh and the elevators were shutdown. Priscilla Smith was also part of a group called Eastern Stars. Priscilla Smith also worked for Allegheny County as a Home Health Aide. Priscilla Smith later divorced and became Priscilla Menifield.


 Priscilla Davis/Smith/Menifield Maternal Linage

 (1) Allen Hawthorne & Sally Hayden

 (2) Clarence (Guffin) Hawthorne & Mattie Sloan

 (3) Earl Starkes & Ella Hawthorne

 (4) Earl Starkes & Earlene Starkes

 (5) Priscilla Davis / Maternal

 (6) Luther Von Smith, III, Terry A. Smith, Earlean Shirletta Smith

 (7) Tyra S. Smith, Teheira M. Smith, Teah S. Smith, Douglas T. Smith, Terry A. Smith II, Tunisia Smith, Terry A. Smith, Jr.

 (8) Amari A. Jackson, Anthony C. Smith, Douglas Aiden Smith, Asia Rae Smith, Amani

Morgan, Anaya Jackson, Leah Ailey Smith, Kaidence Smith, Anasia Smith.


Paternal Linage

 (1) Jonah Davis & Ella Note: Ella's mother was an Indian in full head dress as told by Eldridge Davis Sr.

 (2) Eldridge Davis & Earlene Starkes

 (3) Luther Von Smith & Priscilla Davis

 (4) Luther Von Smith, III, Terry A. Smith, Earlean Shirletta Smith

 (5) Tyra S. Smith,Teheira M. Smith, Teah S. Smith, Douglas T. Smith, Terry

Anthonette Smith II, Tunisia Smith, Terry A. Smith, Jr.

 (6) Amari Jackson, Anthony C. Smith, Douglas Aiden Smith, Asia Rae Smith, Amani Morgan, Leah Ailey Smith, Kaidence Smith, Anasia Smith.


 Note:      Priscilla worked a variety of jobs from a toy factory to a Home Health Assistant, conducted puppet shows for her children and children in the community, would race the teenagers in track and win and a community activist with ACORN. As a child Priscilla was curious and mischievous. She wanted to know if a cat had nine lives and dropped it off a hill nine times. Priscilla would run and jump on the back of trolley buses and ride while holding on for fun.


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